Do You Have Un-Diagnosed ADHD?

I was in my late 50’s before I finally accepted the fact that I had ADD (inattentive type) even though I was not formally diagnosed by a medical professional. By that time I had enough experience on my own as a master’s level clinician to know the signs and symptoms. If there had been anyContinue reading “Do You Have Un-Diagnosed ADHD?”

What is Behind Co-Dependency

We tend to think of Co-dependents as those who always fix the holiday meal, put up the decorations and clean up after everyone. That is the “S” type of Co-dependent. The “I” type is someone who lives in their head and allows those around him/her to meet their needs, keep track of their appointments andContinue reading “What is Behind Co-Dependency”

What is an HSP

If you score as Introvert, Intuitive, Feeler and Perceptive on a Myers-Briggs personality test, chances are you will also be diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder. However, other combinations of these categories can also reveal someone who is a Highly Sensitive Person. Folks with these traits are often sensitive to rejection, lack self confidence and areContinue reading “What is an HSP”

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