My Ego-Free is Not Your Ego-Free

As mentioned in previous articles, liberating one’s Ego is like peeling an onion. You may repeat a lesson hundreds of times before the “light” of understanding is ignited and the full meaning of a truth is realized. You may think you have arrived at the destination of your liberation and even celebrate, only to realizeContinue reading “My Ego-Free is Not Your Ego-Free”

Do You Have Un-Diagnosed ADHD?

I was in my late 50’s before I finally accepted the fact that I had ADD (inattentive type) even though I was not formally diagnosed by a medical professional. By that time I had enough experience on my own as a master’s level clinician to know the signs and symptoms. If there had been anyContinue reading “Do You Have Un-Diagnosed ADHD?”

Growing Up With Emotional Sensitivity

Today, while listening to the reading below, I had an epiphany. I finally realized that I have been using my emotions as a “sixth sense” to interpret and evaluate the world around me. Notice I did not say “engage”. I do not necessarily read the people and circumstances in my environment in order to engageContinue reading “Growing Up With Emotional Sensitivity”

Ego, What Ego?

There is much debate in the “Thought” community these days as to whether or not the Ego must die. Many feel that “death” is too harsh and that the Ego must be loved and accepted since it is an integral part of our Soul. Actually, the”Ego” is not a part of our Soul at all,Continue reading “Ego, What Ego?”

Ad(h)d & Co-dependency

One of the major issues I am having to confront now is Co-Dependency. I never really thought of myself as co-dependent since I was the “incompetent” one, which made my spouse the one who was co-dependent on me. Truth is, we were both dependent on each other to fulfill the illusion of being whole. IContinue reading “Ad(h)d & Co-dependency”

Use Your Superpower for Good

It is a bit ironic that folk who are hyper-sensitive often feel as if they are unlovable or somehow unworthy of praise and attention. They are quick to see the good and positive in those around them, yet fail to apply the same admiration to themselves. For these rare individuals, self-love often becomes a journeyContinue reading “Use Your Superpower for Good”

Get Out of Your Head

Overthinking is a natural function of the Ego. More specifically, it is found more often in certain personality types. Overthinking has more to do with imagination and conceptualization than actual “thinking”. On the Meyers-Briggs personality inventory, it is the Intuitive personality type that is more prone to overthinking than any other. The Intuitive spends muchContinue reading “Get Out of Your Head”

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