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Escaping the Illusion of the Ego

In order to “disengage” the Ego, we must learn to disengage from that which created the Ego; namely, the mind. It isn’t that our mind is bad, on the contrary, our mind is capable of far more than we could ever possibly realize, but in order for our mind to work in our own best interests, we must surrender to our higher self, or Spirit. In other words, as we let go of who we think we are and realize our identity as part of the Universe, our Ego fades away and our true Self is liberated. We are freed from self criticism, guilt, shame and a false sense of obligation and restriction. We can finally rest in the Universal flow and live Life as it was intended.

Long but worth it

So what exactly is the Ego and is it really possible tobe freed from its cravings, desires and imaginations? According to Alan Watts, the Ego is nothing more than an illusion. It is the “avatar” or persona that the mind creates in order to deal with the complexities of life. That is not to say that the Ego is not real; rather, it is a creation of our own making which, once acknowledged, can be disengaged. However, that gets a little tricky because you cannot disengage the Ego with the Ego.

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My Ego-Free is Not Your Ego-Free

As mentioned in previous articles, liberating one’s Ego is like peeling an onion. You may repeat a lesson hundreds of times before the “light” of understanding is ignited and the full meaning of a truth is realized. You may think you have arrived at the destination of your liberation and even celebrate, only to realize…

Do You Have Un-Diagnosed ADHD?

I was in my late 50’s before I finally accepted the fact that I had ADD (inattentive type) even though I was not formally diagnosed by a medical professional. By that time I had enough experience on my own as a master’s level clinician to know the signs and symptoms. If there had been any…

Growing Up With Emotional Sensitivity

Today, while listening to the reading below, I had an epiphany. I finally realized that I have been using my emotions as a “sixth sense” to interpret and evaluate the world around me. Notice I did not say “engage”. I do not necessarily read the people and circumstances in my environment in order to engage…

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